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Q: Why has Canter stopped offering courses?

A: As the higher education landscape continues to evolve, states’ requirements for recertification credits have also grown to include a number of new choices for educators. While these non-traditional options for credit add new variety to the recertification process, the impact they have had on Canter has led us to the very difficult decision to no longer offer Canter courses.

Q: If Canter is no longer offering courses, will my credits still be valid?

A: Yes. Canter course credits are awarded by Walden University, which is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

Q: If I have a question, how do I reach a Canter support representative?

A: Please send us an email to We will respond as soon as possible which is usually within 24 hours.

Q: I am a past Canter student and need to get a hold of my transcripts. How do I do that?

A: The Canter website continues to house all of the necessary forms you might need. Go to and choose Courses and Registration from the top of the page and then click on Download Forms to access the Request for Official Transcripts document. If you are having a particular issue pertaining to your transcripts, I can provide you with an email address for the department handling transcripts. Simply send the details to and your inquiry will be answered as soon as possible.

Q: Is Walden now offering Canter courses?

A: While this is something that could be explored in the future, at this time Walden is not offering the Canter courses. However, they do offer individual courses, certificates, and degree programs in education as well as many other areas of study.

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