Canter Curriculum: Assessment and Curriculum

Assessment and Curriculum

Assessment Course

Ongoing assessment is the key to effective instructional planning and a critical component of your professional development as a teacher. Keeping your finger on the pulse of what your students understand, know, and are able to do will allow you to tailor your instruction to maximize student learning.

This Canter assessment course helps you learn how to use diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments to better understand students’ thinking and learning throughout the learning process. Knowing how and when to use various types of assessment takes the guesswork out of targeting students’ needs and provides a constant guide for your lesson planning and pacing.

To enhance your continuing education, these distance-learning courses for teachers feature videos of leading experts in the field of assessment, who share effective practices and research-based strategies that will increase your confidence and take the fear and mystery out of classroom assessment for your students.

Work at your own pace and engage in dialog with colleagues to discover how you can apply proven assessment practices at any grade level and in any subject area.

  • Assessment to Enhance Teaching and Learning (Grades K–12)
    This class will teach you how assessment can and should be used as a powerful tool for teaching and learning, not just as a measure of learning. Learn to use diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments that match your learning goals and promote student learning.

Curriculum Design Course

The ability to design curriculum that aligns with standards and provides meaningful and relevant learning experiences for students is critical to your success as a teacher. Canter’s curriculum-focused graduate courses, featuring videos of leading experts in curriculum, instruction, and assessment, help you design a classroom curriculum that targets standards, informs your instructional planning, and increases learning opportunities for all students. Videos of classroom demonstrations by master teachers show how to put these practices to work in real K–12 classrooms.

  • Designing Curriculum and Instruction With the Learner in Mind (Grades K–12)
    In today’s standards-based environment, all students are expected to meet the same high standards, regardless of their learning differences. This teacher education class offers a practical process for designing effective standards-based curriculum and instruction. Learn to turn standards into powerful learning experiences, employ research-based instructional strategies that help increase student achievement, and use differentiation to provide pathways for all students to achieve at high levels.

Related Assessment and Curriculum courses

  • Including Students With Special Needs: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (Grades K–12)
    As general education classrooms become increasingly inclusive, you must become more adept at curriculum design, instruction, and assessment that will meet the needs of all students. In this distance-education class, you will learn how to include accommodations, modifications, content enhancements, learning strategies, learning with technology, and behavioral supports in your teaching practice to ensure that your students with special needs can learn successfully alongside their grade-level peers.

Distance Education for Teachers
Canter’s distance-learning approach helps teachers across the country invest in their own education. Working at your own pace, you can develop new skills to help improve your daily professional performance. Every Canter course features experts who share their experience and research in their own words via DVD (print & DVD format) or streaming video (online format).

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