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Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement Course

Teachers want to see their students realize their full potential. From the extra hours grading assignments and developing lesson plans to the energy you bring to the classroom each day establishing connections and nurturing a positive learning environment, student success is the ultimate goal of everything you do as a teacher. Knowing how important parental involvement is to reaching this goal, with Canter, you can explore proactive ways to increase parent involvement in your classroom, examine the importance of early and effective communication, and discover how to better connect with hard-to-reach or uncooperative students.

  • How to Get Parents on Your Side® (Grades K–12)
    As part of our commitment to provide continuing education for teachers that directly impacts their effectiveness in the classroom, Canter is proud to offer this teacher education course that recognizes how critical the role of parental involvement is in a child’s education and examines ways to enlist parents’ support for your efforts in the classroom. Learn how to establish positive, cooperative relationships with parents that can lead to mutual respect and open lines of communication—and ultimately more positive outcomes for your students. How to Get Parents on Your Side® also explores how to work with parents of diverse cultures and those whose children have special needs. Discover an effective, proactive approach to parental involvement with this teacher education course and see the impact it can have on the students in your classroom.

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