Canter Curriculum: Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leadership

Let teacher leadership courses from Canter help you advance your career and enable you to effect change in your classroom, your school, your district, and your community.
Learn how you can pursue a leadership role without leaving your students or your classroom behind. Designed for K–12 teachers, our graduate-level teacher leadership courses follow our self-paced learning format that allows you to understand and absorb materials and complete assignments when it’s convenient for your schedule.

Professional Development for Teachers

Driven by a commitment to help teachers pursue their professional goals, Canter’s teacher leadership courses allow you to hear from experts in the field, while you gain the knowledge and develop the insights that will serve as the foundation for your professional growth. Achieve your goals as an educator and as a leader with Canter’s teacher leadership courses.

Each of Canter’s teacher leadership courses focuses on your individual development as a leader in the classroom, among your peers, and in your district. Whether you’re taking on additional responsibilities at school or want to work toward the improvement of your school and your community, each of Canter’s teacher leadership courses can help strengthen your career skills and deepen your professional expertise.

  • Introduction to Teacher Leadership – Understand the meaning of teacher leadership and discover the influence you can have as a teacher. Identify the goals, values, and beliefs that drive your leadership style and learn how you can be an effective leader in your classroom.
  • Teacher Leadership for Learning and Teaching – Lay a foundation for your leadership skills by broadening your expertise in teaching and learning. Explore proven instructional models and strategies, and examine the latest findings in neuroscience that can inform your instructional practice.
  • Teacher Leadership: Mentoring, Coaching, and Collaboration – Learn a variety of coaching styles—including instructional, content, cognitive, and collegial coaching—and develop mentoring skills to support professional growth of colleagues in your school.
  • Teacher Leadership in Professional Learning Communities – Extend the scope of your leadership to the larger professional learning community. Learn to facilitate a collaborative culture where conversations are aimed at improving student learning.

Distance Education for Teachers 
Canter’s distance-learning approach helps teachers across the country invest in their own education. Working at your own pace, you will develop new skills to improve your daily professional performance. Every Canter course features experts who share their experience and research in their own words via DVD (print & DVD format) or streaming video (online format only).

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