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Special Education

Special Education Course
As general classrooms and schools have grown more inclusive of students with a range of special needs, the role of the special education teacher has expanded and become more critical. Canter is here to help special educators step up to new challenges and demands of the job with self-paced graduate courses specifically designed for their unique position within the school community.

Canter professional development courses for special education teachers will help you advance your skills and increase your confidence as you interface with general education teachers, parents, administrators, other specialists, and the students themselves. Featuring nationally recognized leaders in the field of special education, differentiation, and universal design for learning model, these courses provide research-based practices that will increase your effectiveness and help lead to better academic and life outcomes for the students you serve.

  • Advanced Instructional Strategies for Special Educators (Grades K–12)
    Canter’s first course developed for special education teachers, this class will help increase your ability to support students with special needs through differentiated instruction and through the use of the research-based “acquisition to generalization” framework for teaching students learning strategies that empower them to learn successfully in any content area.

Related Courses for General Classroom Teachers Working With Students With Special Needs

  • Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities: Strategies for Success (Grades K–6)
    Students with learning disabilities need instruction that will help them succeed in school and in life. This course will help you better understand the types and characteristics of learning disabilities and increase your professional skills regarding the referral process, RTI, collaboration, differentiation, strategy instruction, reading interventions, organization and study skills, behavioral supports, and transition planning.
  • Including Students with Special Needs: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (Grades K–12)
    As general education classrooms become increasingly inclusive, you must become more adept at designing curriculum, instruction, and assessment that will meet the needs of all students. Focusing on students with special needs, this distance-education class will help you effectively assess students’ needs and provide high-quality learning experiences so they can learn successfully alongside their grade-level peers.

Distance Education for Teachers
Canter’s distance-learning approach helps teachers across the country invest in their own education. Working at your own pace, you can develop new skills to help improve your daily professional performance. Every Canter course features experts who share their experience and research in their own words via DVD (print & DVD format) or streaming video (online format).

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