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Reading and Literacy

Reading and Literacy Courses
Developing literacy in your students is one of the greatest gifts you can give them and, perhaps, the greatest responsibility you have as a teacher. Canter offers a variety of reading courses for Pre-K–12 teachers designed to meet your professional development goals in reading and literacy. The videos in these courses feature renowned experts in literacy education, who offer a wealth of research-based strategies for your reading, language arts, or content literacy program. Classroom demonstration videos show how teachers apply these strategies in a variety of grade levels and settings.

Whether you teach emergent and beginning readers, developing and intermediate readers, or adolescent readers, Canter has continuing education courses that will help advance your students’ literacy development. Whether you are an elementary, middle-level, or secondary teacher, you can work at your own pace and on your own schedule as you learn how to plan and implement effective teaching strategies that can be used in conjunction with any district-adopted reading/language arts program or content-area curriculum.

  • The Effective Reading Teacher® (Grades K–6)
    This foundation course focuses on what's been missing from K–6 literacy classrooms: literacy development discussion and techniques. In addition to developing the essential components of reading instruction (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension), you will learn how to target instruction to students’ literacy development, increase reading motivation, promote digital literacies, and embody the characteristics of effective reading teachers.
  • Teaching Beginning Readers  (Grades Pre-K–3)
    Your emergent and beginning readers need a solid foundation for further literacy development. This course offers a wealth of practical, research-based strategies for providing engaging and effective literacy instruction specifically targeted to young readers. Includes a literacy instruction planning tool that can be used with any reading curriculum or program.
  • Teaching Developing Readers  (Grades 4–6)
    Developing and intermediate readers face new challenges as the texts they encounter become more sophisticated. This course helps you combat a reading slump, with strategies that engage and motivate students while building their reading and writing proficiency in an information-based, digital age. Includes a literacy instruction planning tool that can be used with any reading curriculum or program.
  • Supporting the Struggling Reader ® (Grades K–6)
    Without effective support, students who struggle with reading often fall further behind each year. This course helps you reverse that downward spiral by giving you practical strategies for accelerating literacy development in struggling readers without shortchanging instruction for the more proficient readers in your class.
  • Improving Reading in the Content Areas  (Grades 6–12)
    Reading is essential for learning in any subject area. This class will give you practical strategies that can be built into lessons in any content area to improve your students’ content reading proficiency and increase their learning in your content area.
  • Motivating Students to Read®  (Grades K–12)
    This class is a must for any K–12 teacher whose students lack interest and motivation in reading. Learn practical strategies from reading motivation experts on how to transform your classroom into a community of passionate, inspired, eager readers.
  • Helping Struggling Readers With Content-Area Learning (Grades 6–12)
    This distance-learning course will help you increase content-area learning and achievement in students who struggle with reading. Learn research-based strategies to help your struggling readers overcome the challenges of content-area texts and help ensure that they meet your content standards.

Distance Education for Teachers
Canter’s distance-learning approach helps teachers across the country invest in their own education. Working at your own pace, you can develop new skills to help improve your daily professional performance. Every Canter course features experts who share their experience and research in their own words via DVD (print & DVD format) or streaming video (online format).

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