Canter Curriculum: Motivation


Motivation Courses
The importance of motivation in the learning process cannot be emphasized enough. Students' lack of motivation to learn or to read poses enormous challenges to both you and your students and can create dead ends to learning and achievement. Keeping up your own motivation and energy in the classroom is equally important.

Canter self-paced graduate courses for teachers bring you practical strategies based on the latest research on motivation that can transform your classroom into a positive, vibrant, and engaging learning environment, where you feel energized about teaching and your students feel energized about learning. Effective motivation strategies that help you actively engage your students, avoid teacher burnout, and build parental engagement will help increase your teaching effectiveness and improve student performance.

  • The High-Performing Teacher® (Grades K–12)
    This "Canter classic" will re-ignite your passion for teaching, keep you focused on your mission as a teacher, help you develop positive relationships with students, and empower you and your students to effectively solve problems and maintain a positive attitude in the classroom.
  • Motivating Today’s Learner™ (Grades K–12)
    A key to motivating students to learn is creating a dynamic and inspiring learning environment in which all students are actively engaged in the learning process. This course offers a host of easy-to-use active-learning strategies that can be incorporated into lessons and activities in any grade level and subject area.
  • Returning Creativity to the Classroom™ (Grades K–12)
    With today's emphasis on standards and assessment, creativity in the classroom is often overlooked amid concerns about curriculum coverage and test prep. This course gives you strategies to help you and your students engage in creative teaching and learning as you work toward meeting today’s high-level learning goals.

Distance Education for Teachers
Canter’s distance-learning approach helps teachers across the country invest in their own education. Working at your own pace, you can develop new skills to help improve your daily professional performance. Every Canter course features experts who share their experience and research in their own words via DVD (print & DVD format) or streaming video (online format).

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