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Introduction to Teacher Leadership

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Graduate Credit: 3 semester hours

Formats: Print & DVD or Online

Level: Grades K–12

Tuition: $510*

Course #: EDUC-6936


10 weeks after receipt of coursework

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Discover how you can assume a leadership role without leaving your students and classroom behind. In this graduate-level course, you will learn how to translate your expertise in teaching and learning to effect positive change for your students, your colleagues, and your profession. Learn to identify and overcome common roadblocks in taking leadership roles, and examine and strengthen your own leadership style. Discover the skills that can help you lead with greater confidencein your classroom, in your school, and beyond.

Teaching Tangibles

  • Examine the values and beliefs successful leaders embody.
  • Learn how to construct a personal definition of teacher leadership.
  • Explore various skills needed to become a dynamic teacher leader.
  • Examine what differentiates and characterizes teachers who lead. 
  • Analyze your skill set against the research on teacher leadership. 
  • Assess your personal readiness to lead change and your organization’s readiness to undergo change.
  • Learn how to propose strategies to reduce resistance to change.
  • Explore systems thinking and organizational theory.

Credits for up to four of these courses may be applied toward a Walden University M.S. in Education program. Please call 1-866-492-5336 and speak to an Enrollment Advisor for more details.

More Information

Download a course fact sheet to share with your supervisor, principal, and other teaching colleagues who may be interested in learning more about Canter graduate courses. The overview includes a description of the course as well as information on:

  • Course topics and outcomes
  • Course assessment criteria
  • System requirements (online format)
  • Featured education experts



Roland S. Barth, Ed.D.

Dr. Barth is a consultant to schools, school systems, state departments of education, universities, foundations, and businesses in the United States and abroad. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and master’s and doctoral degrees in education from Harvard University, Dr. Barth served as a public school teacher and principal for 15 years in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and California. He received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1976 and was a faculty member at the Harvard Graduate School of Education for 13 years. Dr. Barth is a trustee of Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound and received the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2003 from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Roland Barth has also authored books available through Canter’s partner, Corwin press. 

Linda Lambert, Ed.D.

Dr. Lambert is professor emeritus at California State University, Hayward, and president of Lambert Leadership Development. She has served as a teacher, principal, district director, and coordinator of leadership academies. Dr. Lambert is the author of The Constructivist Leader, Who Will Save Our Schools?, and Building Leadership Capacity in Schools. Her major research areas involve constructivist leadership, leadership capacity, teacher leadership, school and system improvement, and women in leadership.

Robert J. Starratt, Ed.D.

Dr. Starratt began his work with school administrators in 1973 at Fordham University, after earlier work in secondary schools as a teacher and high school principal. He has served as chair of the educational administration departments at both Fordham University and Boston College, where he currently serves as professor of educational administration. He teaches courses in the ethics of educational administration, human resource administration, instructional supervision, qualitative research, and foundations of educational administration. His books include The Drama of Schooling: The Schooling of Drama, The Drama of Leadership; Building an Ethical School; Centering Educational Administration; Transforming Educational Administration; Supervision: A Redefinition (with Tom Sergiovanni), and Ethical Leadership.

The following course materials will be delivered directly to you:

  • Textbook: Teacher Leadership That Strengthens Professional Practice, by Charlotte Danielson
  • DVD: Dynamic Teacher Leadership
    (For online format, the DVD is provided as backup to streaming video online.) 

If you order the print & DVD format, you will also receive:

  • Study guide: Introduction to Teacher Leadership ($30 fee)

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This is a graduate-level course; therefore, you must have a bachelor's degree or above to enroll and receive credit.

Earning Graduate Credit

Total coursework for this course is equivalent to a 45 contact-hour course. Graduate credit will be issued when you successfully complete the following course requirements:

  • Collaborate with study partner(s) (Print & DVD format only).
  • Collaborate with colleagues through discussion boards (Online format only).
  • View video segments.
  • Complete required text/journal readings, assignments, and the final paper.

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